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Every morning at 9 am, numerous Land Cruisers are driving along Sokoine Road out of Arusha and towards the national parks. For some, a life long dream is about to be fulfilled. Those brave enough to accommodate themselves in a basic tent on the campgrounds, will without a doubt have the most authentic experience. Awaken at night by a roaring lion, elephants limiting the access to needed facilities, though protected by armed rangers you still feel the excitement of being in the wild of Tanzania.

If you easily get car sick, a safari might not be the thing for you. If you donโ€™t mind driving on the rough roads leading to the national parks to get up close to animals like lions, cheetahs, zebras and elephants, a safari will be a pleasurable experience

For those seeking adventure with the benefit of comfortable accommodation, the luxury lodges and the permanent tented campsites will suit all your needs. All the lodges and tented camps share a high standard of comfort, providing excellent views of the parks in exquisite environments. During day, you will be guided around the parks, taking photos from the pop up roof. After a full day of game driving, you can relax by the pool or continue watching the animals from various viewpoints at the lodge.

While on safari, you will be seated in our specially equipped land rovers and land cruisers. All our vehicles are rebuilt with a pop up roof, where you will have the best view of the parks and excellent photo opportunities. Booking with us, you are guaranteed a window seat.

For those short on time and/or willing to pay extra, there is the possibility of flying to the Serengeti and participating in a balloon safari. Every morning at 6am, a hot air balloon in neutral colors can be spotted flying over the fields of Serengeti. After landing safely, a champagne breakfast will be set up for you to enjoy, while you still feel dazed and amazed at what you have just taken part of. Click the link above to read more about balloon safaris, and contact us for bookings.

Children can also enjoy a safari. For photos of a safari with young children, click here!

Click for a map of Tanzania.

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Sleeping bag
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Wash kit
Long sleeved shirt/jumper
Warm sweater
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